Back to the Blog. You can get dragged in to so many conversations and meetings that it can be hard to focus back on the basics and the tasks at hand (like the blog). My task, as stated in the task post was to look in to possible funding resources and see what funders, public or private might match our mission statement or at least be interested in reading our proposal. The internet can be a large and scary place from time to time, and despite what google might say, they do not have all of the answers. Are there resource centers for Boston-based non-profits? Is there any chance that someone might be able to hold our hand, if just at the beginning, to start us down this path of fundraising and grant writing? Come to find out… not really, or at least not without paying a premium. Not any more!

Once upon a time, prior to January 1, 2010, the Associated Grant Makers (AGM) was available to struggling non-profits (ie the public) however some changes have been made. After 1/1/10 this Boston based resource center, that once provided an onsite librarian and a publicly accessible library and online database, allowing non-profits to search for funders with similar goals and missions, closed it’s doors to public. AGM now charges a fee. As I have come to understand they were having a hard time making ends meet and now they have to close their doors to non-partnered members (to be an affiliate it costs a minimum of $85.) Non-profit partners have a list of levels that they may choose from and the more access you desire the more expensive your affiliation dues. Now that is the bad news, they are not just giving it away for free, or are they.

During the same phone conversation it was told to Tuesday that the AGM database is still available via satellite locations. Tuesday has not yet been able to check-out any of these locations but if you have and know any more details please feel free to comment and leave us a message, we now have a goal for the next two weeks, get to a satellite location and see if AGM can help us Boston based non-profits.