Click here to read about tuesday, inc. in Metro newspaper!

We are very excited over here at tuesday, inc. ! The last five weeks have been busy, and the last week in particular has been completely full-out chaos.  We filed Articles of Organization, and continued to work diligently on paperwork, and have been doing our best to create a social media strategy as amateurs. We’ll be honest, the hardest part so far has been Facebook. So if you have any tips or trick for us, please let us know!

The article gives you, our readers, a new hint as to what we are up to… 

T. and I met while volunteering teaching at a local correctional facility.  As the article states, tuesday, inc. was prompted through our experience volunteering and is becoming what we “..hope will be an organization aimed at breaking negative social cycles like homelessness and incarceration.”  Read the rest here

We  will continue to update you on our start-up process, compile resources we find, report our Tuesday meetings, and even let you in on our struggles.

We will continue to give us more hints about the organization along the way, and we will reveal ourselves and the organization at the end of twelve weeks: April 20, 2010.

Thank you to our readers, friends, and supporters…and all the people who have shown interest.

Thanks to Yue Huang for  finding us and writing an excellent article.