A recent article from Wall Street Journal entitled “Maximum Impact” asked prominent philanthropists how they would give away $10 Billion to “best alleviate the world’s problems”. These charitable executives’ answers ranged from creating carbon-capture toilets, to building schools, to establishing statistics offices in Africa.

Our favorite answer came from Dr. Judith Rodin, President of the Rockefeller Foundation. She is quoted, “How would I give away $10 Billion? I wouldn’t. I would invest in innovations that have the potential to mobilize multiple billions more.”

This is the spirit that is at the the core of social entrepreneurship.  Sustainable, innovative change.  Nice work, Dr. Rodin!

We here at tuesday, inc. asked ourselves the same question. Our answer? Similarly, we would create ripple effects. Ripple effects of change by starting self-sustaining organizations that have the power to alleviate systematic social problems through the creation of a new system.

Wait a minute….Isn’t that what we are doing over here? Hey Dr. Rodin – Look at us!!!  

We don’t have $10 Billion, nor do we need it. We have very little capital at this point, and the capital we will need is nowhere near $10 Billion. We are, by our bootstraps, starting a social enterprise as a nonprofit that will be self-sustainble within a very short amount of time.  And we believe tuesday, inc. can make $10 Billion worth of change in the world.

What would you do if you had $10 Billion to give away? Or, How would you give away $100 “creatively”?

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