It is fair to say that Tuesday, Inc. has been looking, and will continue to look, for social media to play a big part in our development. We have been trying to utilize social media for networking opportunities for our blossoming organization with the hope that it will not only lead to great resources but also to possibly indentify potential board members, and if we are lucky enough, possible funders.

There is no doubt that social media is changing the way that business is being conducted around the world. There are more than 5 million people/organizations that have Twitter accounts that combined produce more than 50 million tweets per day. WOW!

The resources that are now available at the click of a button are vast and almost excessively daunting from time to time. Facebook is another tool that Tuesday, Inc. will look to focus on in the coming weeks. Facebook has 400 million members; that is a huge number. I read a statistic the other day that if Facebook were a country it would be the fourth largest in the world. Operating your nonprofit or business within that entity is just smart business these days.

Many companies have started to create full-time positions so that a single individual can create and foster these networks and blog postings. How do two people, starting a non-profit, share their resources, split their time and focus on both creating funding resources and filing documents AND allow social media to play a big enough role? Tuesday, Inc. is giving it a shot.

If you have any ideas or for us, please comment below!

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