As with any partnership, be it two companies or individuals, the meshing of great ideas is not always naturally born or easily constructed. People work in different ways and at different speeds, all be it towards the same and common goals. Excitement is contagious and when working in a new partnership, necessary.

A & I have been finding that our excitement can sometimes get the better of us. When do you start to approach members for an interim board? When should you start trying to identify “in kind” donations for future funding? Should we start approaching funders now? How are we going to keep track of all of these ideas? We are finding with one person set on the long term goals and the other set on the process (which seems like a perfect pairing, and I believe it will be eventually) we are now trying to wrangle in a little of the excitement and focus on the small, necessary, and tedious creation documents.

When we need to keep in touch and make sure that we stay on the same page with resources and connectivity, Google Wave (FREE). A wave can be both a conversation and a document where we can both discuss and work together using text, photos, videos, maps, and more. Basically, Google Wave is e-mail, instant messaging, an online collaboration tool and a wiki all rolled into one service.

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