There is one simple phrase that can sum up yesterday’s meeting: “What have we gotten ourselves into?”

I think we expected this to be a lot of work, and to keep us up at night, mulling over how to make this happen in twelve weeks and dreaming about what Tuesday, Inc. could be, and we even expected the sense of urgency, the stress, and the adrenaline.

What we underestimated was the wide range conflicting information that exists surrounding this process of starting a nonprofit. That is why we are blogging about this, so stick with us as we start to sort this out.

Last night at the Second Tuesday meeting started wading through the previous week’s research, ideas, and forms. What followed was the organization equivalent of post-house-party-with-thirty-seven-fraternities: overwhelming chaos. Needless to say, our Second Tuesday did not leave us feeling organized, excited, and ready like last week.

[One heck of a wake up call]

The major breakthrough came when we realized we won’t be able to do everything together. So, we took last week’s roster of tasks and made round-by-round draft picks:

Next draft of Articles of Org Research filing requirements
Organization Bylaws Market research and data
Research possible Board Members Research possible Board Members
Component #1 plan and budget* Component #2 plan and budget*


Now that we know the Articles of Organization come first, getting those ready are the first priority. By the Third Tuesday we hope to have our Articles ready to file and being reviewed by an attorney, budgets complete for the first two components, a solid list of people to contact about board positions, and some firm research on the market we are entering.

Ready. Set. Go.

* Hint #2: At this stage, we envision the nonprofit to have four separate components. We are going to plan and budget for each, and then we will have a clearer picture of what funding we will use for what. More on this very soon…..

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