Today I joined into the live discussion at The Chronicle of Philanthropy on Seeking Big Gifts in Tough Times.

Thanks to the folks over at the Chronicle, it was very helpful. Here are a few takeaways we here at Tuesday, Inc. thought would be helpful for our readers:

  • Know who you funders are, what they have funded previously, what their goals are, and how your funding needs align with those goals
  • After thorough research, you be the one to start the dialogue. Contact the donor, committee, or gatekeeper. But remember “listen more, talk less”
  • When thinking about your Board of Directors, it’s important to remember that they should be the leaders of your organization’s fundraising efforts, with strong support from the organization. (Set fundraising expectations upfront)
  • People want to know, have confidence in, and trust the organization to whom they give their money, and every funder/grantee relationship is different

For a full replay of the discussion, click here. Thanks again to Holly at Chronicle and the Guests.

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