T. and I met in a law library, with giant cups of coffee, plenty of blank paper, and lots of ideas.  Thus commenced a sort of brainstorming chaos that lasted for hours. We spent the evening hammering out ideas, a mission statement, and strategy for the coming weeks.

At the end, our heads were spinning, but we left with a list of items accomplished and a list of things to do before next Tuesday (see below).

Items Accomplished on First Tuesday:

  • Evaluation of ideas for organization
  • Rough draft of mission statement
  • Initial org chart, brief description of each component
  • Contact lists: funding and support
  • Contact list: possible members of the Board
  • Possible locations, space requirements
  • Corporation name

Things to do before Second Tuesday:

  • Find forms, templates, and sample articles of organization
  • Research State of MA regulations
  • Research IRS requirements for 501(c)(3) application

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