Two People + Twelve Tuesdays = Tuesday, Inc.

The Challenge:

A seemingly simple one: Start a nonprofit, and be ready to apply for funding in Twelve Weeks. This includes idea generation, business plans, articles of organization, bylaws, and filing the infamous 501(c)(3)

The Terms:

The two of us meet on Tuesday evenings and work until the caffeine, and later, the beer, loses its effectiveness. Time spent the other six days of the week is only what our full-time jobs, part-time master’s program, and busy lives allow.  Hopefully that translates to a minimum of two posts per week.

The Idea:

We will divulge the details of our idea at the end of Twelve Weeks, dropping hints along the way of course. Hint #1: We are starting a nonprofit in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We will keep themes as general as possible so this blog may be helpful to you, our readers.


T. and A. of Tuesday, Inc.